Amplifiers for Proportional Solenoids EV

hawe-ev hawe-ev1d hawe-ev1d
hawe-ev hawe-ev1d hawe-ev1d

Amplifiers for Proportional Solenoids EV

A range of electronic accessory components is available in various versions for the control of common on/off and proportional solenoids.

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These include electronic amplifiers in the form of modules and cards and versions integrated in the plug for single and twin solenoids, as well as for pressure switches. A power supply unit for 24V DC solenoid valves is also available. All of these components are tailored to HAWE solenoid valves.

Features and benefits:
■ Compact design
■ Functions tailored to HAWE products


Intended applications:
■ For control of all types of proportional valves
■ Plug for visual operation control, prolonging the service life of the solenoid etc.

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