Directional Seated Valves VP

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Directional Seated Valves VP

Type VP 1 valves are designed as zero-leakage, cone-seated valves and can be used as 2/2-, 3/2- and 4/2-way directional valves.

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The internal pressure balance enables free selection of the flow direction and maximum pressure resistance of all ports. Due to the air-switching actuation, there is no risk of interaction between actuation elements and the medium used. No sticking or resinification as a result of increased temperatures is possible.
The preferred area of application is hydraulic lubrication systems that use high-viscosity grease or oils. Other fluids in the relevant viscosity range can also be considered provided they have the appropriate seal compatibility.

Features and benefits:
■ Freely selectable flow direction
■ No interaction between actuation elements and medium
■ No sticking or resinification as a result of increased temperatures is possible.

Intended applications:
■ Lubricating systems
■ Mining machinery
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Handling and assembly technology

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