Valve Combinations BVH

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Valve Combinations BVH

Type BVH valve banks can be very flexibly combined with type A connection blocks. Segments are mounted using a hollow screw in the P gallery.

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In addition to the seated valve functions, the additional functions in the P and R gallery (e.g. check valve, orifice in P gallery, filter, pressure switch in A gallery) have been integrated into the valve segment. The benefits of this technical design are the flexible bearing and the expansion options that can be easily adapted to the corresponding application at the end user. The main areas of application are hydraulic clamping systems and the machine tool industry.

Features and benefits:
■ Very flexible expansion options and maintenance of valve banks at end user
■ Compact and lighter design


Intended applications:
■ Clamping systems on machine tools and equipment
■ Clamping systems on deforming machine tools
■ Brake and rotor adjustment modules on wind turbines

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