Directional Spool Valves SW, SWC, SWP

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hawe-sw-swc-swp hawe-sw-swc-swp hawe-sw-swc-swp

Directional Spool Valves SW, SWC, SWP

These directional spool valves are designed as individual valves either for pipe connection (type SW) or for manifold mounting (type SWP, NSWP) or as valve bank (type SWP, NSWP).

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Actuation is via directly acting pressure resistant single stroke solenoids (wet armature); type NSWP may feature twin solenoids enabling two speed rates or prop. solenoids which may be combined also with a stroke limitation. Versions with ATEX-approval are available as well. The individual manifold mounting valves can be combined with sub-plates enabling pipe connection plus an optional pressure limiting valve. The valve sections type NSWP can be combined with various options either on the pump side e.g. check valves, throttles, or orifices plus orifices or restrictor check valves on the consumer side.

Features and benefits:
■ Compact valve banks
■ Simple actuation of proportional functions
■ Various versions
■ Combinations with NG6 available

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools - chipping (milling, drilling, turning, grinding)
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Offshore and marine technology
■ Road vehicle construction

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