Directional Spool Valves SWR, SWS

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Directional Spool Valves SWR, SWS

These directional spool valves are designed as valve bank. Actuation is via directly acting pressure resistant single stroke solenoids (wet armature); type SWS may be controlled also via twin solenoids enabling two speed rates or via prop. solenoids optionally with a stroke limitation. Versions with ATEX-approval are available as well.

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The valve sections consist of an end plate and a connection block (for pipe connection) or an adapter plate (for direct mounting to the hydraulic power packs), held together by a tension rod.
With type SWS, the valve sections can be fitted with additional functions, such as double check valves, load-holding valves or precharge valves etc., in ancillary blocks on the consumer side. It is also possible to integrate a check valve, throttle, orifice or pressure compensator on the pump side. The directional spool valves are primarily used in mobile hydraulics.

Features and benefits:
■ Combination with lifting modules available (for fork lifts)
■ Proportional movements can be controlled independently from the load
■ Wide range of ancillary blocks
■ Compact

Intended applications:
■ Material handling (industrial trucks etc.)
■ Wind turbines
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Handling and assembly technology (industrial robots etc.)

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