Orifices and Restricter Valves EB, BE, BC

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hawe-eb-be-bc hawe-eb-be-bc hawe-eb-be-bc

Orifices and Restricter Valves EB, BE, BC

The orifice inserts type EB are part of the flow valves, whereas the restrictor check valves type BE and BC are a combination of a flow and check valve.

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These valves are preferentially used to limit flows when switching directional valves (e.g. flow limitation to Qmax and avoidance of excessively rapid accumulator draining). The restrictor check valves type BC and BE are designed as a hole or slot orifice and enable free flow in the direction F → B and throttle function in the opposite direction.
Type BC is spring loaded and can be screwed into normal threaded holes (point angle 118°).
Type EB orifice inserts can be used in the P gallery of manifold mounting valves, for example.

Features and benefits:
■ Max. 700 bar
■ Simple design and installation


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulics
■ Winch controls
■ Hydraulic pilot systems

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