Throttle and Restrictor Check Valve ED, RD, RDF

hawe-ed-rd-rdf hawe-ed-rd-rdf
hawe-ed-rd-rdf hawe-ed-rd-rdf

Throttle and Restrictor Check Valve ED, RD, RDF

The throttles type ED, RD and RDF are metering valves and are used to influence the flow in single and double-acting consumers. The two smallest sizes are designed as a combination of a slot-type and annular gap throttle to improve adjustability.

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The larger sizes are pure annular gap throttles. With RD restrictor check valves, the check valve function is performed by a shim that responds to the smallest oil flow movement. With the restrictor check valves type RDF, a nozzle or orifice disc takes on the check valve function. The type ED is designed as a pure throttle.


Features and benefits:

■ Sensitively adjustable
■ Wear-resistant


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems

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