Pressure Reducing Valves CDK, CLK, DK, DLZ, DZ

hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz
hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz hawe-cdk-clk-dk-dlz-dz

Pressure Reducing Valves CDK, CLK, DK, DLZ, DZ

The task of pressure reducing valves is to maintain a largely constant outlet pressure despite a higher and changing inlet pressure.

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These valves are used when a secondary circuit has to be fed with a lower but constant pressure level by a main (primary) oil circuit with a higher and varying pressure level. The valve described here is directly controlled. Compared with conventional, piston-type pressure reducing valves suffering from leaking oil, where an additional drain port is required, this type is designed according to the 2-way principle, i.e. it has zero leakage when in a closed state. Type CLK has an integrated safety valve function. A reversal of the flow direction is possible up to approx. 2 x Qmax. These valves can be screwed into the easily produced threaded holes. A particular feature of type DK is the tracked pressure switch, i.e. the pressure and switch are set at the same time with one adjustment device.
If the primary pressure level at P is below that of the secondary side at V, a reversal of the flow V→P is possible with little pressure loss via the bypass check valve.
The 2-way pressure-reducing valve is designed as an individual valve for manifold mounting. It is incorporated in one block together with a bypass check valve for reducing the flow resistance of V→P and optionally a throttle or orifice (retrofittable)if required.

Features and benefits:
■ Zero leakage in closed state
■ Version with integrated overpressure function
■ Easily produced mounting hole


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems
■ Jigs
■ Test benches

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