Piloted Pressure Limiting Valves DV, AS

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hawe-dv-as hawe-dv-as hawe-dv-as

Piloted Pressure Limiting Valves DV, AS

Pressure valves influence the pressure in hydraulic systems. Pressure-limiting valves (safety or overpressure valve) safeguard the system against excessive pressure or limit the operation pressure.

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Sequence valves generate a constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flow. Follow-up valves (release valves) block the flow until a set pressure value is reached (free flow once this value is exceeded).
Compared with pressure valves of the type DV, the types AS and AE have an additional check valve in the consumer port.






Features and benefits:
■ Various adjustment options
■ Various additional functions


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems
■ Test benches

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