Pressure Controlled Shut-Off Valves DSV, CDSV

hawe-dsv-cdsv hawe-dsv-cdsv
hawe-dsv-cdsv hawe-dsv-cdsv

Pressure Controlled Shut-Off Valves DSV, CDSV

These pressure-controlled shut-off valves in the seated valve version block the flow to consumers located downstream without any leakage as soon as the set pressure value is reached or exceeded in the consumer line B.

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The valves will open again if the pressure on the inlet side A drops below the set value defined by the spring tension.
While type DSV is designed for manifold mounting or pipe connection, type CDSV is a screw-in valve with easily machined mounting holes. It is frequently used to safeguard pressure gauges, for example.







Features and benefits:
■ Various adjustment options
■ Various additional functions


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems
■ Test benches
■ (Pressure gauge) protection valve

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