HK Power Pack

hk-power-pack hk-power-pack hk-power-pack
hk-power-pack hk-power-pack hk-power-pack

HK Power Pack

Because of the unique integrated fan configuration, the ”ready for connection” hydraulic power packs are ideal for continuous operation. Another version for temperature sensitive applications features an auxiliary blower, thereby gaining improved cooling (approx. 25%).

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This type is available for single circuit operation (radial piston or gear pump), dual circuit operation (radial piston and/or gear pump) or triple circuit operation (radial piston pump only). Both single and dual circuit pumps are also available as a horizontal version (type HKL).

Complete hydraulic control systems can be created by directly mounting various combinations of connection blocks and valvebanks to the hydraulic power pack. These hydraulic power packs are used for machine tools (lathes and milling machines), jigs or general machine applications, making a commonly used external radiator superfluous.


Features and benefits:
■ Suited for permanent and intermittent operation (S1/S6 service)
■ Additional separately driven fan for maximum utilisation of power
■ 3 sizes enable wide field of application
■ Radial piston pumps ensure long service life and high reliability
■ Small filling volume minimize costs for fluid and fluid disposal
■ Matching valve and accessories from a modular system
■ Available as single to triple circuit pump

Intended applications:
■ Supply of clamping pressure for lathe chucks, tail stocks, steady rests at machine
tools and machining centers
■ Welding machines, roboter
■ Endurance test benches
■ Endurance test bench construction
■ Torque wrench


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