Utilaje Petroliere

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utilaje-petroliere-hidraulica utilaje-petroliere-hidraulica utilaje-petroliere-hidraulica utilaje-petroliere-hidraulica utilaje-petroliere

Utilaje Petroliere

Whether it is a mobile truck mounted rig, a permanent land-based rig, or an offshore platform, there is no room for compromise when it comes to the safety and reliability of the equipment used under extreme conditions.

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Oil drilling and production has become more demanding and challenging than ever before with increasing drilling depths and tightening safety regulations. Oil companies want to know that their employees can safely do their jobs with equipment that will work consistently with precision and reliability, while having minimal impact on the environment. To meet these challenges, oil companies are expecting their rigs to operate with

■ A smaller footprint without compromising performance,
■ Safer operations without compromising speed, and
■ Lower overall cost without compromising quality.

Hydraulic components are a critical part of oil rig operations, and design engineers turn to HAWE Hydraulics for safety and reliability.

HAWE Hydraulics is able to provide uncompromising safety and reliability by using steel for all pressurized components. 

Working together with certified explosion-proof solenoids, HAWE’s line of hydraulic products, a modular toolkit of parts, is used to create extremely robust, low-maintenance hydraulic systems. Low-manufacturing tolerances and rigorous quality-assurance processes ensure all parts meet the highest standards of safety, and save time and money.

HAWE Hydraulics’ components have been successfully proven in many critical oilfield drilling and production operations, such as: 
■ BOP closing units and handling systems 
■ Winches, catheads, and rotary tables 
■ Drawworks braking systems
■ Catwalk hydraulics 
■ Iron roughnecks
■ Mast and substructure lifting systems
■ Walking systems
■ Top drives 

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