Agregat Hawe KA

agregat-hawe-ka agregat-hawe-ka agregat-hawe-ka
agregat-hawe-ka agregat-hawe-ka agregat-hawe-ka

Agregat Hawe KA

The ready-for-connection compact hydraulic power pack consists of a housing (tank) with integrated motor and pump. The tank volume (effective volume) can be increased by extensions.

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 A vertical and a horizontal variant are available. A filling gauge enables visual control of the fluid level even during operation. The electrical connections are made via an integrated terminal box. Compact control systems can be created by mounting various combinations of connection blocks and valve banks. Float switches and temperature switches are optionally available for perfect monitoring.





Features and benefits:
■ Additional external fan for optimum load set
■ Fill/effective volumes can be flexibly extended by modular tank extensions
■ Long service life and high reliability achieved by using radial piston pumps
■ Low oil fill volume makes it environmentally sound thanks to the small amount of
oil to be disposed of and the low costs for hydraulic fluid
■ Co-ordinated range of valves and accessories from modular system
■ Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation
■ Optimum efficiency achieved by suboil motor cooling, direct transmission of force
and cleverly designed heat dissipation

Intended applications:
■ Brake and rotor adjustment modules on wind turbines
■ Clamping systems on machine tools and appliances
■ Torque wrenches
■ Rivets and clinching equipment
■ Presses
■ Handling systems


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