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The solenoid actuation of a hydraulic valve is indicated in the type coding via the abbreviated supply voltage for the specified solenoid coil (G = DC / WG = AC).

Technical Specifications Download View MSD4-P53-P63 Download View MSD4-P55 Download View MSE28-026 Download View

Solenoid valves generate voltage peeks as well as electro-magnetic fields, when they are energize and deenergized when no interference suppressors are used. This can cause malfunctions of electronic equipment or appliances which are nearby. The term EMC, means that the solenoid valve is sufficiently screened to protect electronic installations nearby.
The cheapest and simplest method to shield solenoid valves is to install an interference suppressor in parallel with the coil. The plugs described in this data sheet were mainly selected because of their state-of-the-art EMC Plugs equipped with a interference suppressor (clamp diode) guarantee the highest degree of EMC, but they considerably pro-long the cut-off time of the hydraulic valve.
A sufficient protection with only minimal increase in cut-off time can be achieved by using one of the following: a) two Z-diodes connected in series in opposite direction b) VDR resistor (varistor) c) suppressor diode.

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