Directional Seated Valves VH, VHR, VHP

hawe-vh-vhr-vhp hawe-vh-vhr-vhp
hawe-vh-vhr-vhp hawe-vh-vhr-vhp

Directional Seated Valves VH, VHR, VHP

The directional seated valves types VH, VHR and VHP operate leakage free and are available in two different sizes.

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They are operated via a hand lever on an eccentric shaft transferring the switching moment to an actuation pin acting on the valve elements (balls). The actuation either features a detent or is self returning to its idle position. Valve banks type VHR are also available, featuring individual valves (type VH) connected in parallel and held together with tension rods. Valves type VHP size 1 is also available as individual manifold mounting version.

Features and benefits:
■ Max. pressure 700 bar (manual actuation)
■ Actuation using hand lever with automatic centring in zero position or with notch
■ Different arrangements in valve bank possible
■ Leakage-free seated valve technology

Intended applications:
■ Machines for construction and construction material
■ Offshore and marine technology
■ Process engineering systems
■ Oil hydraulics and pneumatics

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