Line Rupture Safety Valve LB


Line Rupture Safety Valve LB

The line rupture safety valves type LB are check valves. They are available as insert valves or with housing for pipe connection.

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The line rupture safety valve, which is generally mounted directly on the consumer (cylinder)serves to block a consumer in the event of a break in a pressurised pipe, i.e. if the hydraulic counter pressure subsides. It therefore prevents an uncontrolled decline in the load. A flow in excess of the setpoint results in a shim that has been lifted off the valve seat with spring force being pressed onto the housing seat by the flow forces, and consequently the valve closes.
Two versions – one for completely stopping the load and one with an orifice hole for a slow decrease – enable this valve to be used for various requirements.

Features and benefits:
■ Pressures up to 700 bar


Intended applications:
■ Industrial trucks
■ Lifting devices

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