Clamps HSE, HSA

hawe-hse-hsa hawe-hse-hsa
hawe-hse-hsa hawe-hse-hsa

Clamps HSE, HSA

Hydraulic clamps type HSE and HSA are single-acting power elements equipped with return springs, which are used in hydraulic fixtures where only a very restricted space is available for the generation of high forces with limited piston movement.

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The type HSE is designed as a screw-in cylinder whereas type HSA is manifold mounting. These clamps are available, depending on application with piston diameters between 12 and 40 mm and strokes between 2 and 25 mm. They are mainly used for clamping work pieces, slides and guides, indexing round tables and for bending punching and cutting purposes.



Features and benefits:
■ Compact
■ Operating pressure up to 500 bar

Intended applications:
■ Clamping systems
■ Securing systems

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