Lifting Modules HMB, HMC, HMT

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hawe-hmb-hmc-hmt hawe-hmb-hmc-hmt hawe-hmb-hmc-hmt

Lifting Modules HMB, HMC, HMT

They are a combination of different valves (flow control valves, throttles, directional valves) for main lift and, in some cases, other additional functions.

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The lifting modules and lifting/lowering valves are for controlling lifting devices, especially highrack stackers, order pickers, reach trucks and mobile lifting units. The design of the internal control system is extremely flexible. This enables solutions that are not only precisely tailored to the relevant drive concept (fixed or variable displacement pump) and the customer-specific application, but also affordable.
Control systems for secondary or additional functions can be achieved using directional seated valves or directional spool valves (type SWR or SWS). These valves are directly flange-mounted to the main valve in the form of mounting blocks, therefore making the whole valve combination extremely space-saving.

Features and benefits:
■ Flexible design for fixed or variable displacement pump systems
■ Low spatial requirements due to steel design
■ Flexible combination with directional valves

Intended applications:
■ Materials handling (industrial trucks etc.)
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Road vehicle construction

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