Exhausts Conveyor CSC1


Exhausts Conveyor CSC1

The exhausts conveyor is a useful and practical tool to be used where more exhausts (of one or more machines) have to be conveyed to one silencing element only; the exhaust conveyor, compared with the traditional silencer, keeps the work place clean as it doesn’t exhaust the oil nebulized by the plant into the air.

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The various tubes from different machines are connected with the exhaust conveyor upper side by pre-mounted push-in fittings (female 1’’ thread can also be used).
The air mixed with oil flows into the respective chamber linked with a connection (for this reason it is not necessary to close the positions not used) and into a thick aluminium wire filter that separates air from oil, keeping the latter back. The air passes through the filter and then flows outside through a second sintered bronze filter covering the whole conveyor circumference, while the oil drops to a vessel below, which can be emptied by a manual exhaust placed at the bottom of the conveyor.

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