Lifting and Lowering Valves HSV

hawe-hsv hawe-hsv
hawe-hsv hawe-hsv

Lifting and Lowering Valves HSV

The lifting/lowering valves type HSV are preferentially used for controlling lifting equipment with single-acting cylinders. The valve block combines the functions of a 2/2-way directional seated valve with solenoid actuation for lowering the raised load.

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It is optionally available with an adjustable throttle to limit the lowering speed or a 2-way flow control valve to guarantee the lowering speed is as load-independent as possible. A pressure-limiting valve is incorporated to limit the permissible load. An additionally installed check valve prevents uncontrolled lowering of the load. Flangemounting on self-manufactured connection plates is possible.

Features and benefits:
■ Optimal control of lifting and lowering function
■ High pressures up to 400 bar
■ Zero leakage to prevent unwanted lowering of loads and platforms
■ Integrated overpressure protection

Intended applications:
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Materials handling
■ Road vehicle construction
■ Mining machinery

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