Directional Seated Valves with Various Actuations

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Directional Seated Valves with Various Actuations

These directional seated valves with various actuation modes comprise manifold mounting valves that use spring-loaded balls as valve elements and therefore do not show any leakage. The actuation element used moves the valve to the appropriate switching position using an angled lever and tappet.

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The basic versions are designed as 2/2- and 3/2-way directional valves. 3/3- and 4/3- way functions are possible if two valves are housed in one valve block, whereas 4/2- way functions require an additional intermediate plate. The variants of size G..-22 can be used as a reinforced version for fluctuating, pulsating continuous loading and high switching frequency in the upper pressure range.
Connection blocks can be flange-mounted to incorporate the valves into the pipe systems. Optional additional functions in the connection blocks (e.g. pressure-limiting or bypass check valve) extend the range of applications of this valve type. It is possible to combine several valves connected in parallel in one valve bank (type VB).

Features and benefits:
■ Zero-leakage ball valve construction with high switching reliability
■ Solenoid, pressure, mechanical or manual actuation
■ Low shifting forces and gentle, smooth switching
■ Operating pressures up to 700 bar

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools (cutting and non-cutting)
■ Clamping equipment, punching tools, jigs
■ Rubber and plastics machinery
■ Oil hydraulics and pneumatics

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