Acumulator cu Membrana AC

acumulator-cu-membrana-ac acumulator-cu-membrana-ac
acumulator-cu-membrana-ac acumulator-cu-membrana-ac

Acumulator cu Membrana AC

The diaphragm accumulators with a capacity of up to 3.5 dm³ are primarily used as a source of pressure oil for supporting/increasing the pump delivery flow and storing pressure energy, in order toachieve an accumulator charging circuit, for example.

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Various fittings enable the integration of a hydraulic system in different installation positions and at different installation points.
All hydraulic accumulators listed here are subject to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.



Features and benefits:
■ Compact design
■ Option of integration into the HAWE modular system
■ Operating pressures up to 350 bar




Intended applications:
■ Clamping systems
■ Jigs
■ Accumulator charging systems

These accumulators are used to:
■ store pressure energy
■ support the pump delivery
■ improve system efficiency
■ pulsation dampening in hydraulic systems
■ compensation of pressure variations due to temperature changes
■ compensate internal leakage (when apparent)

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