Motor cu Pistonase Axiale M60N


Motor cu Pistonase Axiale M60N

The axial piston motors with fixed displacement are desinged as bent-axes motors. Spherical pistons arranged at 40° ensure an efficient motor as well as a high starting torque. High reliability and small dimensions make it specially suited for truck hydraulics.

Specificatii Tehnice Descarca Vizualizeaza

■ Flange and shaft acc. SAE-standard (SAE-B, SAE-C, SAE-D)
■ Tapered roller bearings for high radial load tolerance and long life time
■ Optimized connection cover for optimal performance and durability
■ Spherical pistons - 5 for 12 - 17 ccm and 7 for more than 25 ccm eliminate pulsation and ensure a high start torque, high pressure, and high speed.
■ Bent-axis principle provides a compact design with few moving parts, low bearing loads high reliability and high overall efficiency.

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