Supapa Succesiune cu Supapa de Ocolire VR


Supapa Succesiune cu Supapa de Ocolire VR

Pressure valves influence the pressure within a hydraulic system. The type illustrated below is a sequence valves which generates a constant pressure difference between inlet and outlet of the flow.

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The flow in opposite direction (reflow) is unhindered via a by-pass check valve. This valve shows minor leakage like other spool valves in flow direction V → F.
These pre-load valves are used, for example, as drop protection in fork lift trucks, safeguarding the lifting cylinder during lowering to prevent continued travel if the fork accidentally gets caught (accident protection), or preventing undesired oscillations by increasing the back pressure when used as pre-load valve in return pipes.

Features and benefits:
■ Compact screw-in valve


Intended applications:
■ Industrial trucks
■ Lifting devices

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