Pompa HAWE V30D


Pompa HAWE V30D

The axial piston variable displacement pumps of the type V30 of D offer extremely high function safety. Its remarkably low noise levels, the high pressure rating (peak = 420 bar / perm. = 350 bar), the low weight/performance ratio as well as the wide controller range make it possible to employ it for most industrial and mobile applications.

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The variable displacement pumps work according to the swash plate principal: 9 pistons operate in a rotating cylinder cavities where they fulfill one suction and one pressure stroke per rotation.
Opening and closing of the cylinder cavities is via openings in the control disc. The axial movement of the pistons is provided by an adjustable swash plate. The setting angle (0 - max) can be steplessly varied in proportion to the desired displacement/flow. The setting range can be mechanically limited by setting screws (with V and VH controller only fixed limitation is possible). The position of the swash plate can be controlled via a visual mechanical indicator.
The latest knowledge and experience with regard to noise reduction has been used in the development of this pump design. V30D is therefore rather quiet, even when taken to the limit. All components used in the V30D are manufactured from high grade materials and machined with close tolerances. The wide range of modular controllers along with a thru-shaft (option for mounting auxiliary pumps or a second V30D) open up a wide range of application possibilities.
Therefore type V30D features a pump design, which ideally suits the special requirements of modern industrial and mobile hydraulic drive systems


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