Pompa Pneumo-Hidraulica HAWE LP


Pompa Pneumo-Hidraulica HAWE LP

The hydraulic pumps type LP are reciprocating, valve-controlled plunger pumps that are available in three sizes. They are basically oscillating pneumatic/hydraulic pressure intensifiers. Stroke reversal is controlled automatically.

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The stroke frequency is dependent on the air pressure set and the current hydraulic counter pressure, and comes to a complete stop when the pressure limit is reached. As an air-driven hydraulic power pack, the tank version of this type of pump can be combined with directional seated valves for use in different applications. This type of pump is used in laboratory presses, jig construction and lubrication technology, for example. Since they are supplied with energy by means of compressed air, they can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Features and benefits:
■ High operating pressures
■ Suitable for explosion-proof systems and equipment
No electrical energy
■ Hydraulic power packs with direct valve mounting

Intended applications:
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Jig construction
■ Testing and laboratory equipment

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