Pompa HAWE V30E


Pompa HAWE V30E

The variable displacement axial piston pumps type V30E are designed for open circuits
in industrial and mobile hydraulics and operate according to the swash plate principle.

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A thru-shaft is optionally available to enable the connection of additional variable
displacement pumps or an auxiliary pump. In this context, type V30E represents a
design according to the most recent findings in pump design. Above all this concerns
the optimised self-suction speed, reduced noise emissions and pulsation, increased
service life and significantly reduced weight. A wide range of controllers (modular
principle) offers the user a wide range of application possibilities.

Features and benefits:
■ Low noise emissions
■ Wide range of controllers
■ Full torque available at the second pump in tandem pump applications

Intended applications:
■ Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Presses
■ Municipal trucks


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