Divizoare de Debit TQ, TV

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hawe-tq-tv hawe-tq-tv

Divizoare de Debit TQ, TV

The flow dividers type TQ divide (collect) total flow entering (exiting) at port C. The distribution is independent of working pressure at ports A and B, and may be divided equally or unequally in predetermined portions.

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Type TV flow dividers feature privilege division. A variable flow entering at port C is divided into a partial flow QA, which is kept constant, and a residual flow QB. As soon as one consumer’s movement is stopped, the flow to the other is either reduced to a minimal flow (type TQ) or completely reduced to leakage flow (type TV). It is possible to overcome this design feature by simulating flow via a pressure-limiting valve.
These valves are used for applications where one pump is required to supply two unevenly loaded hydraulic consumers, which must be driven simultaneously and independently (type TQ) or if one consumer simply requires a constant flow (type TV).

Features and benefits:
■ Accurate flow division


Intended applications:
■ Steering systems
■ Synchronized cylinder movement

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