Distribuitor Manuale DL

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Distribuitor Manuale DL

The directional spool valve bank type DL is used for smooth manual measuring for general hydraulic systems with single and double-acting consumers as well as stationary and mobile lifting devices.

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Specificatii Tehnice Descarca Vizualizeaza

This measuring process is caused by the bypass pump venting line gradually closing and the consumer line simultaneously opening. The movement begins when the throttling effect in the bypass channel causes the pressure to reach the consumer level.
The DLS directional spool valves are designed for industrial trucks (forklift trucks). The primary function (hydraulic cylinder) is therefore integrated into the connection block. A version with a priority flow divider in the connection block is also available.
Different additional functions for the valve sections (e.g. shock valves) extend the range of possible applications.



Features and benefits:
■ Compact design with up to 10 sections
■ Various actuations for manual actuation
■ Simple pressure reduction in downstream sections using intermediate plates
■ Combinations possible for controlling lifting devices

Intended applications:
■ Material handling technology (forklift trucks etc.)
■ Machines for agricultural and forestry purposes
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Road vehicle construction

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