Supapa Deversare Pompa HAWE CNE

hawe-cne hawe-cne
hawe-cne hawe-cne

Supapa Deversare Pompa HAWE CNE

The pressure controlled 2-way directional valve automatically switches one (low pressure) of two circuits feeding a hydraulic system into idle circulation as soon as the adjusted pressure is achieved or exceeded by the high pressure circuit.

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The valve is retained in this shifting position, enabling idle circulation, via the higher pressure being picked up and transmitted by a control oil duct. This valve also serves as a pressure limiting valve for the low pressure circuit.
Contrary to version CNE 2, CNE 21 features an additional thread seal and CNE 22 and 23 a thread seal plus a piston seal.
The idle circulation valves type CNE are screw-in valves where the mounting hole can be easily manufactured.





Features and benefits:
■ Compact design
■ Easily produced mounting hole


Intended applications:
■ Accumulator charged systems
■ Jigs

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