Agregat Hawe MP

agregat-hawe-mp agregat-hawe-mp agregat-hawe-mp
agregat-hawe-mp agregat-hawe-mp agregat-hawe-mp

Agregat Hawe MP

These compact hydraulic power packs are designed for use in stationary applications, which work in intermittent or load/no load operation.

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Two different pumps can be easily mounted as an option to make this type particularly suitable for dual-stage drives such as in presses or dual-circuit systems. The tank size and drive power can be easily adjusted to the system requirements using several sizes. Compact control systems can be created by directly mounting connection blocks and valve banks.

 Features and benefits:

■ Intermittent or load/no load operation S3 or S6
■ Long service life and excellent reliability achieved by using radial piston pumps
■ Low oil fill volumes make it environmentally sound thanks to small amount of oil to
be disposed of and low costs for hydraulic fluid
■ Two-stage valves and switch units for press controls can be directly mounted
■ Co-ordinated range of valves and accessories from modular system
■ Dual-circuit pumps available

Intended applications:
■ Brake and rotor adjustment modules on wind turbines
■ Counterbalance and provision of clamping pressure for lathe chucks, tailstocks and
steady rests on large machine tools and turning centres
■ Presses and other shaping machines
■ Handling and clamping systems on machine tools and jigs
■ Lubrication systems


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