Deblocare Hidraulica Hawe HRP


Deblocare Hidraulica Hawe HRP

The check valves type HR with hydraulic release, are designed as manifold mounting valves and are available in six sizes.

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These valves are used in hydraulic circuits with design related, leaking directional valves, as hydraulically actuated drain, or idle circulation valves. The check valve type HRP can be ordered also with a pre-release to suppress decompression surges for circuits with high pressure and high consumer flows.
This valve is extremely tolerant to residual pressure in the return duct (port B), as the rear side of the actuation piston is de-pressurised via a drain port.
Another option allows opening of the check valve via the load pressure on the consumer side, controlled by a flange-mounted solenoid valve.

Features and benefits:
■ Manifold mounting valve for max. pressure 700 bar
■ Flows up to 400 lpm
■ Electrically controlled
■ With pre-release for smooth switching


Intended applications:
■ Industrial and mobile hydraulics

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