Comutare Hawe CR


Comutare Hawe CR

The switch units type CR, available in three sizes, are intended for the control of bottom and top ram presses, which are driven by dual stage pumps. They consist of a 2/2-way ball seated directional valve, a ball type check valve and pressure valves.

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Low pressure and high pressure circuit are joined during rapid transverse, as soon as the set pressure is achieved or exceeded the low pressure circuit is switched in idle circulation mode, whereas the high pressure circuit continues feeding the press cylinder. An automatic pre-release ensures decompression without pressure surges.
These switch units are designed for direct mounting onto our hydraulic power packs type MP and RZ.


Features and benefits:
■ Optimized for the controls of bottom ram presses
■ Smooth, gentle switching
■ No pressure drop during press operation due to zero leakage
■ Fully automatic switching of the low-pressure pump to circulation

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools (presses)
■ Woodworking and processing machinery
■ Printing and paper technology
■ Foodstuff and packaging machinery

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