Cartus Deblocare Hidraulica Hawe CRH, RHC


Cartus Deblocare Hidraulica Hawe CRH, RHC

The screw-in check valves with hydraulic release type CRH and RHC are used in hydraulic circuits together with design related, leaking directional valves, as a hydraulically actuated drain, or idle circulation valves.

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe CRH-CRB-CRK Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe RHC-RHCE Descarca Vizualizeaza

The valves type RHC with and without pre-release (for high pressures and large consumer volumes) are designed as insert valves. The mounting hole (also sealing surface) is to be machined with a standard twist drill (point angle 118°).
Different variants extend the range of applications.
The type CRH is a screw-in valve for very easily machined mounting holes.

Features and benefits:
■ Cartridge valve
■ Pressures up to 700 bar
■ Flows up to 200 lpm
■ Sturdy


Intended applications:
■ Industrial hydraulics
■ Construction machinery

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