Hawe RH, DRH


Hawe RH, DRH

Check valves with hydraulic release are used to block one or both hydraulic consumer pipes or as a hydraulically actuated drain or circulation valve.

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The valves type RH and DRH are also available with pre-release for one or both sides of the connection to suppress decompression surges for circuits with high pressures and high consumer flows.

Features and benefits:
■ Pressures up to 700 bar
■ With pre-release for smooth switching


Intended applications:
■ Blocking of leak-free hydraulic cylinders in connection with a directional spool valve control suffering from leaking oil
■ Return flow relief if return oil flows that are greater than the permissible flow for the directional valve are experienced due to the surface ratio, when introducing a double-acting hydraulic cylinder
■ Hydraulically actuated drain or circulation valve

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