hawe-hsrl-hsf hawe-hsrl-hsf
hawe-hsrl-hsf hawe-hsrl-hsf


The directional spool valves are available as individual valve for pipe connection (type HSL), manifold mounting (type HSF) or as valve banks (type HSR).

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe HSF Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe HSL Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe HSR Descarca Vizualizeaza

These valves are utilized to control the direction of movement of hydraulic consumers. All of them are indirectly electro-hydraulically actuated. The control fluid demand is either taken internally from the main circuit or fed externally from a separate control oil circuit.
Harsh switching operations and the risk of decompression surges, particularly in the event of high pressure and large consumer volumes, can be avoided (except with HSRL 3) by using adjustable thread type throttles (adjustable response time).
Standard connection blocks or connection blocks with an idle circulation valve, a pressure-limiting valve and integrated pressure-reducing valve are available for series connection. With the HSRL 3 version it is also possible to arbitrarily select different pressure levels.

Features and benefits:
■ Soft shifting of high flow
■ Suitable for high pressures due to steel housing
■ Hydraulic pilot actuation via compact twin solenoids
■ Versions conforming ATEX

Intended applications:
■ Mining equipment (incl. oil exploration)
■ Cranes, lifting-lowering devices
■ Construction and construction materials machinery
■ Material handling (forklift trucks etc.)

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