Hawe LV, ALZ

hawe-lv-alz hawe-lv-alz
hawe-lv-alz hawe-lv-alz

Hawe LV, ALZ

These shut-off valves automatically switch the pump delivery flow into idle circulation as soon as the adjusted pressure is achieved.

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There is a check valve upstream of the consumer port A preventing any return flow via the port R . The idle circulation switching position is interrupted as soon as the pressure in the consumer port drops approx. 13% under the set pressure figure. The self controlled valves type LV do not require any flow pulsation whereas type ALZ is a piloting valve. Both types are mostly used as accumulator charge valves, and should be installed as near to the pump as possible.

Features and benefits:
■ Various means of adjustment
■ Various additional functions



Intended applications:
■ General hydraulics
■ Test benches

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