Bloc Ventile VB

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hawe-vb hawe-vb hawe-vb

Bloc Ventile VB

The valve bank type VB consists of a connection block (with ports P and R), the directional seated valves (acc. to D 7300) installed on sub-plates and connected in parallel plus the end plate. The whole valve bank is held together with one or two tension rods.

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Through selection of the sub-plate, different symbols can be achieved with the individual valves, including in conjunction with additional functions (e.g. pressure switches in the consumer channel). These valve banks may be either directly flangemounted to a pipe system via a connection block or installed directly onto hydraulic power packs (type HK, HC, MP, MPN and KA) using an adapter plate.
Various end plates (e.g. with pressure switch in the P gallery or accumulator drain valve) extend the range of possible applications. Particularly in conjunction with hydraulic power packs, the compact design enables hydraulic control systems for high pressure and with low spatial requirements to be achieved.


Features and benefits:

■ Compact hydraulic controls for high pressure
■ Combination with compact hydraulic power packs result in cost efficient turn-key solutions
■ Elimination of time-consuming installation due to integrated hydraulic power packs
■ Simple repairs thanks to modular structure of the systems

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools (chipping and non-chipping)
■ Clamping, punching and jigs
■ Rubber and plastics machinery
■ Oil hydraulics and pneumatics

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