Supape Mentinere Sarcina LHK, LDHV, LHT

hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht
hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht hawe-lhk-ldhv-lht

Supape Mentinere Sarcina LHK, LDHV, LHT

Load-holding valves are pressure valves that always act on the outlet side of doubleacting consumers. They block the outlet duct with their set pressure (pressure setting approx. 15% above the max. load pressure), generating a counter force to a pushing (negative) load. Therefore the pump will have to feed the inflow side with residual pressure in order to drop the load.

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Type LHK valves are intended for use in applications that are not particularly prone to oscillations.
Load-holding valves of type LHT and type LHDV featuring special damping properties are especially well suited for applications together with prop. directional spool valves ("Load Sensing" directional spool valves) e.g. type PSL/PSV.
Many additional options are available such as shock valves and shuttle valves with or without restrictor check valve (delayed release of hydraulic brakes)


Features and benefits:
■ Operating pressures up to 420 bar
■ Various adjustment options
■ Various configurations


Intended applications:
■ Cranes
■ Construction machinery
■ Lifting devices

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