Joystick EJ

joystick-hawe-ej joystick-hawe-ej
joystick-hawe-ej joystick-hawe-ej

Joystick EJ

These joysticks, single axis EJ1-10, dual axis EJ2-10, three axis EJ3-10R (right hand) EJ3-10L (left hand) are intended as control elements for proportional hydraulic drive systems.

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The most essential functional parts are:
■ One linear conductive plastic track potentiometer per axis
■ Two direction switches per axis (all NO-contacts)
All customer related connections are via solderless lugs.

The most essential qualities:
■ Equipment fulfill IEC 947-5-1, EN 60947-5-1, and DIN VDE 0660-200
■ All axis are with spring return into the middle position
■ Sturdy industrial design
■ Very high mechanical and electrical service life
■ Conductive plastic track potentiometer with solid center tap
■ High IP protection class
■ Resistance against oil, maritime climate, ozone and UV radiation

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