Mini Acumulatori Hidraulici

mini-acumulatori-hidraulici mini-acumulatori-hidraulici
mini-acumulatori-hidraulici mini-acumulatori-hidraulici

Mini Acumulatori Hidraulici

The hydraulic accumulators type AC are available in two categories. The hydraulic miniature accumulators with a capacity of 0.013 dm³ and 0.040 dm³ are used for applications including clamping hydraulics for volume compensation in the event of temperature fluctuations, covering possible oil losses due to leakage or oscillation damping of functional parts activated by pressure difference.

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The diaphragm accumulators with a capacity of up to 3.5 dm³ are primarily used as a source of pressure oil for supporting/increasing the pump delivery flow and storing pressure energy, in order toachieve an accumulator charging circuit, for example.
Various fittings enable the integration of a hydraulic system in different installation positions and at different installation points.




Features and benefits:
■ Compact design
■ Option of integration into the HAWE modular system
■ Operating pressures up to 500 bar

Intended applications:
■ Clamping systems
■ Jigs
■ Accumulator charging systems

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