Drosele si Robineti AV, AVT, CAV

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hawe-av-avt-cav hawe-av-avt-cav

Drosele si Robineti AV, AVT, CAV

The throttle and shut-off valves type AVT, AV and CAV (in various sizes) are metering valves and are designed as screw-in valves in the versions AV...E and CAV.

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They help to generate a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet side to regulate the speed of cylinders in accumulator circuits and the flow in control circuits, or to completely shut off a consumer line (e.g. to safeguard a pressure gauge). With AV valves, the throttle effect is caused by an annular gap, which is created by a valve cone entering a valve seat hole (needle valve). CAV valves create the variably adjustable pressure difference by means of a slot (slot-type throttle, sensitively adjustable and impervious to micro-contaminants). Versions with an integrated check valve enable free flow in one direction.

Features and benefits:
■ Various configurations
■ Sensitive adjustment and complete shut off possible


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems

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