Supape de Reducere Proportionale PDM

hawe-pdm hawe-pdm hawe-pdm
hawe-pdm hawe-pdm hawe-pdm

Supape de Reducere Proportionale PDM

The task of proportional pressure reducing valves in a hydraulic circuit is to maintain a rather constant outlet pressure (port A) despite a higher and changing inlet pressure (port P).

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe PDM-PDMP Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe PDV-PDM Descarca Vizualizeaza

They are used when an hydraulic circuit with a higher pressure level (primary side) is to supply another circuit with a lower pressure level (secondary side), without affecting the higher pressure in the primary circuit. There is a design related permanent leakage flow apparent at L, which has to be led back to the tank via a depressurized line. A reversal of the direction of flow is possible up to approx. 50% of Qmax. A by-pass check valve has to be provided for higher reversed flow. The pressure reducing valves size 11 and 21/22 feature an override compensation i.e. acting like a pressure limiting valve, if the pressure on the secondary side exceeds the set pressure e.g. due to external forces.

Features and benefits:
■ With safety valve function


Intended applications:
■ General hydraulics
■ Jigs
■ Test benches

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