Cartus Hawe EM, EMP

hawe-em-emp hawe-em-emp hawe-em-emp
hawe-em-emp hawe-em-emp hawe-em-emp

Cartus Hawe EM, EMP

These 2/2-way ball seated directional valves are either directly or pilot actuated by a solenoid. With the directly actuated version the valve passage is opened or closed by a cone whereas with the piloted a piloting duct of a stepped piston is opened or closed generating a pressure difference at the opposing facial areas of the piston forcing it in the open or closed position.

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe EM-EMP Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe EM 21 Descarca Vizualizeaza

Type EMP is a proportional valve, acting like a throttle but with zero leakage in blocked position. The dampened version will increase the switching time for on/off controls (hydraulic ramp). The wet armature solenoids for the valve actuation are pressure resistant, where all moving internal parts are flushed by oil. There is a wide range of connection blocks either for pipe connection or for banjo bolt mounting, which may feature optional elements such as drain valve, bypass throttle, pressure switch, 2-way flow control valve etc.

Features and benefits:
■ Zero leakage in blocked state
■ Directly switching up to approx. 3 lpm and piloted up to 160 lpm
■ Minimized back pressure even at high flows
■ Long service life due to hardened valve seats

Intended applications:
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Road construction industry
■ Materials handling, industrial trucks etc.
■ Handling and assembly robots, etc.

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