Hawe NSMD2

hawe-nsmd2 hawe-nsmd2 hawe-nsmd2
hawe-nsmd2 hawe-nsmd2 hawe-nsmd2

Hawe NSMD2

The clamping modules type NSMD2 are used to actuate power-operated clamping devices such as hydraulically actuated hollow or solid clamping cylinders for automatic lathes. They are available as manifold mounting valves with a standard connection diagram according to DIN 24340-A6.

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The clamp/release functions of the clamping cylinder, pressure control and, if required, the electrical pressure monitoring are combined in one device. The clamping pressure at the consumer side A or A and B and the pressure switch can be adjusted simultaneously with a manual, mechanical or electro-proportional adjustment device. A special safety circuit monitors the switching position of the valve. 4/3- or 4/2-way directional functions with springcentred actuation, the latter also with detent actuation, allows for adjustment to the respective application.
The throttling options in the spool end position as well as the rapid and creeping movements are available as an additional function for one or both consumer ports.

Features and benefits:
■ Directional valve, pressure-reducing valve and pressure switch in one device
■ Adjustment of pressure-reducing valve and pressure switch with an adjustment
(manual or electro-proportional)
■ The controlled pressure is picked up directly at the consumer port
■ Valve with connection diagram according to DIN 24340-A4

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools (cutting)
■ Machine tools (non-cutting) - forming and cutting
■ Handling and mounting technology (industrial robots, etc.)

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