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hawe-bwh-bwn hawe-bwh-bwn hawe-bwh-bwn


The valve bank types BWN and BWH consist of a connection block (with ports P and R), the directional seated valves types BWN and BWH installed on sub-plates and connected in parallel plus the end plate. The whole valve bank is held together with one tension rod.

Prezentare Generala Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe BWH-BWN Descarca Vizualizeaza Hawe WH-WN Descarca Vizualizeaza

Through selection of the sub-plate, different symbols can be achieved with the individual valves, including in conjunction with additional functions (e.g. pressure switches or pressure-limiting valves in the consumer channel). These valve banks may be either directly flange-mounted to a pipe system via a connection block (with or without pressure-limiting valve) or installed directly onto hydraulic power packs (type HK, HC, MP, MPN, KA and NPC) using an adapter plate. Various end plates (e.g. with pressure switch in the P gallery or accumulator drain valve) extend the range of possible applications.

Features and benefits:
■ Modular concept
■ Adapter plates for flange-mounting on hydraulic power packs or combination with
other valve types
■ With the valve bank version, option to incorporate additional functions in the subplate,
such as pressure-limiting valves, pressure switches etc.
■ Energy-efficient solutions in connection with hydraulic accumulators

Intended applications:
■ Machine tools (chipping and non-chipping)
■ Rubber and plastic machinery
■ Mining machinery (incl. oil production)
■ Rubber and plastics machinery

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