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hawe-pslf-psvf hawe-pslf-psvf hawe-pslf-psvf


The directional spool valve bank type PSLF/PSVF consists of valve sections attached via manifolds. Type PSLF is designed for constant delivery pump systems (pressure/ flow controller) whereas the type PSVF is for variable displacement pump systems.

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Both are available in two sizes. They serve to control the direction of motion and provide infinite control of the speed of motion of hydraulic consumers regardless of their load. Several consumers may be operated simultaneously and independently of each other. The main field of application is mobile hydraulics (e.g. boom controls of concrete pumps etc.). Main advantage against type PSL/PSV is simplified servicing as individual valve sections can be replaced easily. The main field of application is mobile hydraulics (e.g. crane controls etc.).

Being able to select different maximum volumetric flows for consumer ports A and B, as well as the option to use various additional functions (e.g. function deactivation) guarantees optimal adaptation to the respective control tasks.


Features and benefits:
■ Max. flow 1000 lpm at 420 bar
■ Rear side ports for easy access to valves, even in small installation spaces
■ Flange construction can be combined across all sizes with fast valve replacement
■ Simultaneous operation of several functions at full speed

Intended applications:
■ Construction machinery and machines for building materials
■ Crane and lifting equipment
■ Offshore and marine technology
■ Mining machinery

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