Comanda Directa MV, SV

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hawe-mv-sv hawe-mv-sv hawe-mv-sv

Comanda Directa MV, SV

Pressure valves influence the pressure in hydraulic systems.
Pressure-limiting valves (safety or overpressure valve) safeguard the system against excessive pressure or limit the operation pressure. Sequence valves generate a constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flow.

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A damping device is fitted as standard in the directly controlled valves to ensure quiet operation, but an undamped variant is also available for special operating conditions.
Pressure-limiting valves with unit approval and CE mark (type MV.X) are also available.

Features and benefits:
■ Operating pressures up to 700 bar
■ Various adjustment options
■ Numerous configurations

Intended applications:
■ General hydraulic systems
■ Test benches
■ Hydraulic tools

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