Regulatoare de Debit Proportionale SE, SEH

hawe-se-seh hawe-se-seh
hawe-se-seh hawe-se-seh

Regulatoare de Debit Proportionale SE, SEH

The flow control valves type SE and SEH are used for continuous adjustment of the operating speed of connected hydraulic consumers regardless of pressure.

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They can be used as 2-way or 3-way flow control valves and are available with proportional electrical, directly actuated (type SE) or proportional electro-hydraulic, piloted (type SEH) control orifice adjustment (each available with normal position as open or closed).
They help to achieve fully automated operating cycles with individually preselected acceleration and deceleration phases.

A piloted pressure-limiting valve and an electrically switchable circulation valve (3-way controller) or a bypass check valve and check valves in a bridge circuit for free selection of the flow direction (2-way controller) can be selected as additional elements.




Features and benefits:
■ Electrical control of consumer operating speeds
■ Automation of operating cycles


Intended applications:
■ Construction machinery
■ Machine tools
■ General hydraulic systems

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